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Go, Home!

The worst of it was the PLEX nook. The built-in viz was minuscule, and could no longer be turned off or lowered in volume or changed from PIN, and so the kitchen was a constant source of dubious news, delivered by agreeable males and females, always human, ever since Gor from planet Arous, hired for the perceived gravitas of a gargantuan flying brain with eyes, used his program to bend viewers to his evil will, after promising not to.”

From Go, Mutants, p. 8

The Addams Family 64 episodes

Sep 18, 1964 - April 8, 1966

Amos N' Andy

78 Episodes

June 28, 1951-June 11, 1953

Ben Casey

153 Episodes

Oct 2, 1961 - March 21, 1966

The Adventures of Superman

104 Episodes

Sep 19, 1952 - April 28, 1958

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